Quite Ordinary

A whimsical act of rebellion

About Quite Ordinary

It has recently come to my attention that I may in fact be quite ordinary. Yes I’m sorry to state it so bluntly dear reader but I feel like you should be fully informed of the state of things before we proceed.  

On this blog I explore the ordinary through my quite ordinary interests: at-home-biodiversity, hobby-homesteading (formerly known as gardening), creative craft projects and yes, probably also a homemade sourdough bread or two. All in the hopes of finding a little joy and maybe even peace with the ordinary.

You are welcome to hang out for a bit and take a breather while you amuse yourself over my ill-advised shenanigans.



Arrogant origami frogs, the meaning of collapsed sourdough buns and kitchen table philosophy. You will find it all on the blog.



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“…It is quite normal to want to be “special”. In reality it is a paradox, because when it comes down to it, then we humans are extraordinarily similar, and almost all of us are very very ordinary.”

Peter Lund Madsen